Workshop on Social Cause Marketing



The workshop on ‘Social Cause Marketing’ was organised by ‘Save A Family Plan’ (SAFP) a Canadian-based International non-governmental organisation working in partnership with more than 50 Diocesan Social Service Societies/local NGOs, over 2,000 Sanghams/self-help groups, more than 25 institution based rehabilitation centres and more than 19,000 families annually in India.

Twenty eight coordinators from these partner organisation participated in the two day workshop held in Balarsha on 15-16 October 2014.

‘What is Social Cause marketing, how we can package a social issue and design campaign strategies and we can mobilise resources through campaigns and social media’ were the topics dealt during the workshop.
Dr. Magimai Pragasam conducted the two day workshop with a series of lectures, exercises, group discussions and games. The workshop concluded with the presentation of campaign strategies on specific issues by five groups. The participants found the workshop highly inspiring, enlightening and empowering with knowledge and skills.