We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart. It was very much useful for my business.


My mind got refreshed. I can now develop human resources. I can handle situations properly. I can get rid of my frustrations. I can increase my memory power. I can understand other’s mind by observing their eye ball movement.

M.S. Priyadharshini

I wish we had this programme for a longer duration. I found this programme very useful. Students too would benefit a lot. I came with many problems. Now I feel fresh and confident to handle them. I feel happy. I found this programme very useful!

T.P Vijayakumar

I got more than what I expected from this programme. It’s not only useful for my business, but also to my personal life.

Dr. V.Rajesh

I came with no expectations. My friend recommended this programme to me. But this programme had been mind blogging. I am getting a feel that this prograamme is just about to change my entire world, both personally and professionally. So many useful tips to change me a sa person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I found this programme very useful in solving my problems in my life. I liked all the explanations and the practical exercises. After the programme I feel like being a kid.


This programme reduced my negative thoughts and improved my positive energy. Spending six hours for my personal growth is worth.

Babaji M.S.Ravishankar Raja

I am very much pleased to attend this programme. Thank you for the opportunity. I wish you all success.

J. Lokeswaran

I fee today is my another Birthday! I feel very nice. I wish my college too benefits from such programme.

Ms. Mary Jones

Now I am more aware of myself and my communication with others. It's really a wonderful workshop which focussed on my growth.


Now I can relate with my students well. the sessions helped me to resolve my issues. The sessions were very helpful for inner growth.

Vijay Shankar

I came to know the power within me. NLP helps me to bring forth positive memories and ward of negative memories. I have learnt to think positively now.

S.Arun Kumar

First and foremost, it was an awesome presentation by Dr. Magi who was full of energy and passion that never waned even for a moment during the entire day. It gave a new meaning and perspective to the whole idea of NLP. My curiosity to learn was well satisfied by interactive and very informative workshop. Thanks a lot.


Fantastic session. It taught me how to programme my mind to achieve what I want. It made me to realise that all the needed resources are within me and the ways to find solution. I found the session very useful. It led me into positive thinking and gave me lots of positive energy.


The AV presentation was quite impactful. Examples shared were easy to relate to and helped a lot in registering the concepts. The facilitator was very effective in conveying the significance of NLP in one's life. The biggest 'take-away' lesson for me was the potential power of Circle of Excellence. All in all, a cogent presentation.

Usha Chandrashekar

It was quite an interactive, informative and an enjoyable session. I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt few techniques. There was clarity in delivery. Now I could connect the dots and understand the missing link.


The content of the workshop was good. the examples given were helpful in understanding the true and simple way of achieving success. It helps in minimising problems. The approach suggested is excellent. Overall, the workshop was an eye opener and gives me great confidence in solving real-time problems.


I have had a very innovative, resourceful and spiritual experience. It was like a joyful roller coaster where I was able to pluck flowers like the circle of excellence, the disassociationtechnique, a technique to get rid of my bitter experiences of the past, understanding myself and others and building rapport. I find myself a resourceful individual now, as I had learnt the tricks of the trade which will help me reach my goal in the future.

Fr. Berk

The content- very useful, Communication - very effective, Methodology- very suitable,Exercises - very thought provoking, Sharing- very informative, Interactions- very lively,Atmosphere- very homely, Resource person- very energetic !

S. Shankar

Right from the great start until the end, satisfying and you made the entire workshop energetic, interactive with lots of exercises, stories, subtle humour, simple magic etc. Over all very beneficial.


A power packed performance! Fantastic articulations, beautiful examples, narrations and illustrations! Introduction to NLP was simply superb. The 'step by step' explanation from definition to pillars and to presuppositions helped me to feel connected to the principles and practices.

S. Sridevi

It was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The programme structure was amazing. Everything went on well and it was great. Thank you


The session was interesting and useful. I was able to relate well to most of the techniques. I would implement them as much as possible.

S. Sridevi Gunasundaram

I feel the 'increase' in my energy level. It was a great and meaningful day in my life. I thank my husband who motivated me to attend this programme.