International Certification in NLP


International Certification in NLP
from NFNLP (National Federation of NLP, Florida, USA)
NLP Basic Practitioner Certification

Four days (40 Hrs with Home study)

NLP is the science of excellence. It offers practical and rapid methods for personal growth. It is the study of how people think, process information and behave. NLP is about using what works and leaving what does not. Today NLP is used extensively in all fields like, business, education, sports, training, health care, therapy etc.,

You will learn how to:

  • Understand Keys for successful relationships
  • Gather specific and high quality information from others and use them to achieve your outcomes
  • Sharpen your senses to gather information around you
  • Identify practical, well-formed outcomes and how to achieve them
  • Design strategies and make positive attempts to reach the desired state
  • Change unwanted behaviours that hinder your growth and look for positive ways
  • Understand what is going on inside others for better relationship
  • Talk another person’s language to build better rapport
  • Create your own personal state of excellence
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Make meetings produce intended results
  • Mediate and negotiate with others more successfully
  • Recognise and use powerful language patterns
  • Develop your behavioural flexibility and creativity
  • Move away from stressful situations and be more at peace with yourself
  • Help yourself and others manage stress and relieve any psychological deficiencies


  • How to build and maintain multi-level rapport
  • How to see, hear and feel sharply
  • How to improve personal/professional relationships
  • How to use client’s resistance to your advantage
  • How to make rapid and lasting changes in personal life
  • How to access personal strengths and resources
  • How to solve problems at unconscious level
  • How to get rid of phobia in a short span of time
  • How to frame right questions to understand others
  • How to change personal history.
  • How change the ways you remember your past.
  • How to turn negatives into positives
  • How to reframe your life
  • How to anchor the positive past
  • Eye accessing cues
  • Re-parenting your inner child
  • How to feel resourceful all the time
  • How to set and achieve your goal